The Lithuanian Presidency’s energy results were presented at the European Parliament

18 December 2013, Last updated at, 14:18 EET
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author: European Parliament

On 12 December, Jaroslav Neverovič, Lithuanian Minister of Energy, participated at the Joint Committee Meeting on the EU Internal Energy Market for the 21st Century organised by the European Parliament Industry, Research and Energy committee (ITRE) and the Committee of Economics of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania in Brussels. During the meeting, the Minister presented the Council reports that had been approved on 12 December at the Energy Council, focusing on the implementation status of the EU internal energy market. 

“Outstanding challenges remain to be resolved before we can consider the Internal Energy Market as completed. First of all, EU Member States have to successfully separate energy production and transfer and develop the necessary energy links between countries. With the adoption of the Council report, an agreement between Member States regarding the main areas of focus was reached. Thus this can be seen as a breakthrough for future decision making and actions regarding the assessment of the completion of the EU internal energy market”, the Minister stressed during the session.
The presented Council report emphasized the need to continue developing energy infrastructure by implementing  the Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). According to Mr Neverovič, expanding the energy infrastructure was the key to having a successfully functioning market. The adoption of this exclusive list of PCIS was an example of European solidarity and a great achievement in the integration of regional markets into the EU internal energy market.
During the Lithuanian Presidency, for the first time, the seven-year EU budget had a funding line present for strategic projects which were included in the PCIs' list. Among 248 projects, 15 are from the Baltic region, six of which are from Lithuania.
One of the Lithuanian projects is the Baltic States synchronous interconnection project with the European Contitental Networks. According to Mr Neverovič, this showed the PCIs list‘s comprehensiveness and orientation towards creating a fully functional market, also at the system level.
Taking into consideration constant discussions between the European Commission and Member States during the Lithuanian Presidency, the Council report also stated that further effort was needed to implement the Third Energy Package by fully transposing EU legal acts into national legal systems and implementing technical measures. The Council report also stressed the importance of applying the rules for EU market integration and energy efficiency and encouraged meticulous coordination of support schemes for renewable energy sources. Another proposal in the report was to aim for a level playing field in pricing policy for all energy companies operating within the EU.

At the meeting, the Minister also presented the Council report on the strengthening of the external energy policy. The report covered developments  in the global energy landscape and the progress of the EU external energy policy since 2011. The report also contains an agreement of Member States on how to further strengthen the EU energy policy's external dimension and the EU’s position in relations with external energy partners.

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