Achievements of the Lithuanian Presidency: more credible, growing and open Europe

27 January 2014, Last updated at, 08:11 EET
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author: EU2013

The Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union comprised six months of intensive work by the Permanent Representatives Committee, working parties and committees, negotiations and discussions at Council meetings – sometimes lasting till dawn, – and efforts to find consensus between Member States and other EU institutions. Issues important for the entire EU were discussed not only in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg but also in the Presidency meetings in Vilnius with the participation of high-ranking visitors. Lithuanian culture was extensively introduced in Europe and beyond. Below is the summary of the most important achievements of the semester, facts and numbers about the work carried out in public and in the background.

Achievements of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU:

  • Credible Europe. The Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council sought to strengthen the financial sector and the public finances of Member States, and move the EU economy towards growth, effective management and a stronger social dimension. The Lithuanian Presidency reached substantial progress in the establishment of the Banking Union; devoted much attention to the responsible economic policies of the Member States, and achieved the adoption of significant legislation that strengthens the protection of the financial interests of EU citizens and their rights. Read more
  • Growing Europe. In seeking to maintain and strengthen the economic recovery in Europe, the Lithuanian Presidency reached the timely approval of the growth-oriented multi-annual EU budget. Important measures to increase employment have been taken, especially for youth. Focusing on strengthening the future-oriented internal market, the Lithuanian Presidency gave impetus to the development of the internal market in the Digital agenda and energy areas. Important decisions were taken in the area of citizens’ health care. The Council also highlighted the added value of macro-regional strategies. The EU has shown responsibility for the possible negative effects of climate change and the environmental consequences thereof. Read more
  • Open Europe. In seeking an open Europe, the Lithuanian Presidency gave new impetus to the Eastern Partnership program and supported the EU enlargement policy by implementing specific steps. During the Presidency, significant progress was achieved in strengthening transatlantic trade and other trade policies, and strengthening the EU’s role in the globalised world. Read more

Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council: facts and figures. Read more

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